10 Health Care Money Saving Tips

Saving money on Atlanta Georgia health insurance is synonymous with saving money on health care. Each affects the other both when purchasing health insurance and going forward after the purchase.

When you apply for health insurance in Georgia, underwriters look at any and all medications you are taking, or have taken during the last 3 years. More expensive medications translate into higher premiums for health insurance. Being pro-active in working with your doc to lower your cost of medication will help you save money.

The folks at Consumer Reports have provided us with a list of ways to save on the cost of medication. Some are obvious, such as switching to (or starting out with) generics. Others may not be so obvious such as the tip to avoid doctor samples. Worthwhile reading.

Yesterday I talked with a lady that was taking two different medications for migraines. Her employer group health insurance plan was changing in January and she would no longer be able to get these medications for a $30 copay. Until she satisfies her deductible she will be paying almost $600 per month for medication.

Generic alternatives will run $20 per month. That is a major savings.

Ask your doctor about generics and lower priced alternatives.

If she were applying for major medical health insurance carriers that are unable to offer exclusion riders for medical conditions would decline her application for coverage. The few that still offer riders would issue a policy, but would not include coverage for her migraine medications. A simple switch to generics saves her premium dollars but also cuts her monthly out of pocket down to almost nothing.

When looking for Atlanta Georgia health insurance be aware that the medication you take can have a major impact on your ability to find affordable health insurance.

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