AARP Drug Tool

The folks at AARP have a new prescription drug savings tool on their site that is pretty nifty. Using the link, you enter the name of your drug and hit "Find Drug". I typed in Lipitor since this is a relatively common drug used by Georgia seniors.

The next page wants to know why I take Lipitor. I select "to reduce LDL at least 30% then hit Find Drug again.

This takes you to a page listing information and approximate pricing on the brand name drug as well as a generic alternative. This information can be printed out and discussed with your doctor.

Georgia seniors on a fixed income should avail themselves of this tool.

Many are spending way too much on prescription drugs and, in many cases, Medicare Part D as well. Most PDP (prescription drug plans) are confusing at best and of little or no value to Medicare beneficiaries. The alluring $0 premium drug plans as well as the new Wal-Mart/Humana $14 PDP generally do not deliver much in the way of value. The marketing gimmicks designed to lure you in and trap you in a low premium plan can leave you with high out of pocket costs once you discover the medications you need are not on their formulary.

The popular PDP plans rely on the same tricks that Medicare Advantage Plans (MAP) use. The low or $0 premium plans look nice until you use them. That is when you discover copay's, coinsurance and out of pocket that usually does not exist when you have traditional Medicare and a good Medigap plan.

I compared the AARP drug savings tool pricing for Lipitor to Blue Sky Drugs and here is what I found. 

The AARP site quotes a price for 30 tablets of 20mg Lipitor as $161. The generic Simvastatin is $70.

But at Blue Sky Drugs you can get a 3 month supply (90 tablets) of Lipitor for $126 and generic for $49 (100 tablets). 

Would Georgia seniors on a fixed income rather spend over $1800 per year for brand name Lipitor or $500?

I think the answer is obvious.

Affordable Medicare Supplement Insurance

Georgia seniors who want to save money on prescriptions drugs should consider ordering from places like Blue Sky Drugs. If you want to save money on Medigap plans, ask the professionals at Georgia Insurance Shop to provide you with a quote. We have rates from all the low cost Medigap carriers and can show you the best total value for your money.

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