Aetna & Georgia Wellstar

If you are considering Aetna health insurance in Georgia you may have heard of the contract dispute over reimbursement. If not, here is the article from the AJC.

WellStar Health System may sever its relationship with Aetna insurance company, according to a letter sent out to patients.

The June letter says that the health system has been unable to reach a new contract agreement with Aetna and that the existing contract terminates on Aug. 31.

The letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, says that WellStar hopes to resolve the contract before August.

The letter includes a listing of major managed care and insurance companies with which WellStar has contractual relationships.

“You may find this information useful if you are making new coverage decisions with your employer over the next few months,” said the letter signed by Barbara Corey, the health care system’s senior vice president of managed care.

This is mostly sabre rattling and positioning.  It is Wellstar’s way of kicking dirt on the umpire’s shoes to make a point. They will go back and forth on this with Wellstar telling the media they can’t continue to treat Aetna patients unless Aetna increases their reimbursement.

Aetna will stall, saying they are looking out for the interest of their policyholders and trying to hold the line on premiums.

A few years ago it was Blue Cross’ turn to be the heavy. Blue dug their heel’s in and actually let the contract expire leaving policyholders holding the bag for a couple of weeks before coming back and saying they were only kidding.

To be honest, no one wins in this kind of playground bully tactic. It makes both sides look bad. I look for it to blow over and be settled by mid August.

But if you are looking for affordable health insurance in Georgia we have plenty of other carriers including Cigna.

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