Ambulance Charges

There are three things you MUST know if you want your Georgia health insurance plan or Medicare supplement plan to pay for ambulance charges. Otherwise, you may have to rob a bank to pay your bill.

Your health insurance policy should cover emergency medical transport fee's but there may be some "gotcha's".

First, if there is not a true medical emergency at the time, you may be stuck with the full cost of the trip. This can be anywhere from $500  to several thousand dollars.

Second, even if there is a medical emergency, if the transport company is not a par provider, your health insurance policy will still pay but you could be stuck paying a huge balance.

Third, ambulance companies are not always known for filing their charges correctly with your health insurance company. If their bill is not coded properly your claim may be denied.

Clients of Georgia Insurance Shop can always call if they have questions about ambulance charges. Affordable health insurance in Georgia as well as having an advocate to help you understand your medical bills.

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