Application Denied by Blue Cross

When you have an application for health insurance denied by Blue Cross of Georgia (or any other health insurance company), what do you do?

It depends.

Yesterday someone looking for health insurance in Georgia found my site, ran a quote with BCBSGA and applied online in less than 15 minutes. This morning I was notified their application was rejected by Blue Cross.

After reviewing the application it is very obvious why Blue made such a quick decision. There are some options available for now, and could be others by summer.

Health insurance companies are rejecting 40 – 50% of all applications. Once you are denied coverage it does not mean you cannot be accepted by a different carrier but you do need to be careful. The worst thing you can do is submit multiple applications to multiple health insurance companies.

Many people that have their application for health insurance rejected can find coverage if they know the rules of engagement. I have a good record of finding coverage for those who have health issues. When you know what the health insurance companies are looking for, and how each one underwrites, you have a leg up.

Shopping for Georgia health insurance can be frustrating, and even more so if you have applied for health insurance and had your application rejected. The thing to know is, it is possible to find affordable health insurance in Georgia and have your policy issued without a hitch if you know how to work the system in your favor.

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