Assurant Health Plans

Assurant health plans continue to retreat. Assurant health plans, once a major player in the major medical business (under a prior incarnation) continues to move away from the major medical business and concentrate on promoting supplemental health insurance lines.

In a memo from Assurant health plans, agent were notified the direct bill option will no longer be available for new applicants. Existing policyholders will still have a direct bill option for now.

Formerly known as Time insurance company, Assurant health plans has long been uncompetitive in Georgia. At one time if you wanted health insurance and did not want to buy from BCBSGA, Time insurance company was a "go to" carrier.

Time was taken over by Fortis who later changed their name to Assurant health plans. Their limited major medical line is marketed by independent agents as well as direct writers employed by carriers like State Farm, Farm Bureau and USAA.

They only have one copay plan design (Core Med) and one HSA qualified plan. The HSA isn't a bad plan but not a great plan either. Their copay plan is fine until you get sick and really need it.

Assurant health plans is now specializing in child only health insurance in Georgia, short term medical, dental insurance, accident insurance and critical illness coverage.

Assurant health plans don't seem too interested in promoting major medical insurance and haven't in some time. Until 2 years ago, Assurant health plans had 3 health insurance plans with almost 200 options and combinations. They were also one of the few carriers offering maternity insurance.

They have eliminated maternity insurance (along with all the other carriers except for BCBSGA) and trimmed their plan options down from 200 to less than 50.

The few plans they still offer are not competitive with other carriers.

Assurant health plans has introduced a new heart attack and cancer plan in several states but Georgia is not one of them.

If you need a child only health insurance plan in Georgia, Assurant health plans is your only option, but if you want a major medical plan there are much better choices.