Asthmatics – Finding Health Insurance in Georgia

For most people with asthma, finding health insurance in Georgia will not be a problem. Each Georgia health insurance company will review your medical history and medication and make a determination.

Some major medical insurance companies will charge an additional rate, over and above the standard rate, to cover the risk while others will rider or exclude coverage for treating asthma.

Each health insurance company views asthma differently and your health insurance agent can be your guide by reviewing and pre-screening your application with multiple insurance companies.

All health insurance companies ask if you have visited the ER in connection with asthma or have been admitted in the last 5 years. If the answer is yes to either, you can almost certainly be assured your application will be declined.

When looking for Georgia health insurance, make sure your insurance broker asks for full details on your medical conditions and pre-screens your history before submitting an application.

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