Atlanta Braves sue Hartford

The Atlanta Braves think Hartford Insurance is trying to stiff them on a disability claim. Who can blame them?

Mike Hampton who, at one time, was one of the most dominating lefties in the league spent the better part of 6 years on the Braves payroll . . . most of that time on the DL.

Mr. Hampton was injured in 2005 and missed all of the 2006 and 2007 seasons after two elbow surgeries. During those two seasons, Hartford, Conn.-based Hartford Life made “daily benefit” payments under the policy.

So what’s the beef?

According to court documents, a provision within the policy states that if Mr. Hampton was “totally disabled” before the expiration date, the policy would remain in effect. Further, the policy states that “benefits will remain in effect after the expiration date of coverage if (Mr. Hampton’s) total disability commenced during the coverage period.”

This guy was a walking disaster. I used to love watching him pitch for the Astro’s . . . except when he was pitching against us. His arrival in Atlanta was supposed to beef up our rotation. Instead, he spent most of the days on the bench, watching teammates earn their salary.

Mr. Hampton injured his pectoral muscle while warming up for his first game back from injury in April 2008, forcing him to miss 117 days of the season. The Braves claim that they are owed $41,208.79 per day from Hartford Life for those days.

At $41k per day that’s a nice paycheck. Can’t blame the Braves for trying to collect.

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