BCBSGA, Uninsurable and Other Issues

If you have BCBSGA, I have good news and bad news.

The good news is, you no longer have to put up with limited or non-existent customer service. The Georgia Blue’s now allow you to appoint an agent to act as your liason to guide you through the pitfalls of coverage, claims, billing and renewals. A simple form puts an experienced agent in between you and Blue who is available seven days a week.

This beats the heck out of holding on the line and dealing with people who don’t really care about your problem. The Blue customer service hours are 7 – 7 Monday through Friday.

What happens if you have a question on a weekend or holiday?

You are out of luck.

More good news!

BCBSGA will pay the agent to service your account, advise and help on renewals and it costs you nothing. Your premiums will not change one bit.

The bad news?

Blue will still hammer you on renewal and give you the run around on claims. The difference is, you now have someone who is sympathetic to your cause and is paid to specifically help you.

Here comes the shameless plug.

I want to be your agent.

There, I said it. The form is available on request.

Now for other news.

And another shameless plug.

I have a reputation for taking on seemingly impossible challenges when it comes to finding health insurance. If you have had difficulty finding health insurance, even if you have been turned down by other Atlanta Georgia health insurance companies, give me a call.

When I agree to take up your cause I have better than a 90% chance of success. In the last 3 months I have found coverage for 5 people who had been rejected for health insurance in Georgia in prior attempts.

We are talking real health insurance, not some limited benefit plan. True major medical.

Some situations are impossible, and if that is the case I will tell you so up front. But if you have a chance I will give it all I have and stay with it to the end.

Just in case, you need to know I can handle the easy ones as well.

So when looking for affordable Atlanta health insurance, keep us in mind.

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