Bipolar Stripper

Beware the naked man in the seat next to you. He might be a deviant, he might be proud of what he has, or he could be bipolar.

Keith Wright, 50, of the Bronx in New York, was taken into custody by airport authorities after he disrobed while sitting in his seat in the back of Flight 705 on Tuesday evening, authorities said. The plane was carrying about 148 passengers from Charlotte to Los Angeles, the airline said.

Wright was unresponsive when a flight attendant asked him to put his clothes back on, said Dan Jiron, a spokesman for the Albuquerque airport. “She asked him on more than one occasion to put on his clothes. She covered him with a blanket and he took that off,” Jiron said.

Or maybe he was hot.

Temperature, not hot like a stud.

Wright told the FBI he is suffering from a bipolar disorder and had not taken his prescribed medication before leaving New York that morning

Oh, yeah. The old “I forgot to take my medicine” routine.

As the plane took off again, Keegan said the usual announcement to please fasten your seat belts came over the loudspeakers with a twist. The message included “a reminder to everybody to please keep your clothing on.

To be sure . . .


  1. Sometimes, Tiffany gets on to me for goofing off during the day – playing on YouTube, spending too much time on the forums, etc. Then I remind her that you’re my immensely successful and attractive role model and show her stuff like this.

    You have no idea how much I owe you.

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