Blue Cross and Hospital at Odds

Exeter (New Hampshire) Hospital and Anthem Blue Cross may go their separate ways come January. Expect more of this kind of conflict as Obamacare put's pressure on health insurance companies to hold down premiums.

Health insurance companies play an important role in holding the line on increasing health care costs but in doing so they usually take the brunt of public battles such as this.

A New Hampshire hospital says Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has decided to cancel its 2011 contract because the hospital’s costs are too high.

A spokesman for Anthem says Exeter Hospital’s costs are about 50 percent higher than the state average. Christopher Dugan tells WMUR-TV that a CT scan, for example, costs $900 at Wentworth-Douglas Hospital in Dover. He says the same procedure would cost $2,400 at Exeter.

We have seen this kind of thing in Atlanta, Georgia as well. In the last few years St. Joseph Hospital and United Healthcare  went down to the wire before finally renewing their contract. Before that Blue Cross of Georgia has had battles with Piedmont Hospital where the contract actually expired leaving Piedmont patients out of network until a new contract was signed a week or so later.

When "couples" split up it doesn't mean you cannot go to that hospital, or see your doctor any more. You can continue to have treatment but your out of pocket expenses will be higher.

A similar occurrence happens when your medication is either removed from the formulary, or is moved to a higher tier. You can still continue taking the medication as long as you are willing to incur more out of pocket expenses.

In the case of providers leaving the network, if it is permanent you can always pick a different doctor or hospital to attend to your needs. Prescription drugs are usually a bit more flexible and often there are lower cost alternatives.

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