Blue Cross Ends Medicare Guaranteed Issue

Blue Cross of Georgia Medicare supplement plans have been guaranteed issue for anyone who currently has a Medicare supplement plan through another carrier. We have just been notified this practice is ending.

New applications submitted before 6/23/2011 will go through normal underwriting channels and subject to acceptance or decline.

If you are currently covered by a Georgia Medicare supplement plan through another carrier and want a comparison quote we will be glad to provide one or you can quote direct through our website.

If you want to apply for a Medicare supplement plan under the guaranteed issue rules, here is a link to the application. You will need to complete the application and send it to me no later than 6/21/2010.

BCBSGA Medicare supplement plan rates are still competitive in many situations. It is unclear at this point how this guaranteed issue program will impact rates going forward but given the abrupt change in underwriting we anticipate future increases could be harsh.

Georgia Insurance Shop and Georgia Medicare Plans have affordable Medicare supplement plans for almost any budget.

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