Will Blue Cross of Georgia Cancel My Coverage?

Anthem/Wellpoint, parent of Blue Cross of Georgia, has been in the news over rescinding policies of women with breast cancer. The Reuters article made it appear as if Anthem/Wellpoint had a top secret computer program that was designed to target women who were diagnosed with breast cancer and capriciously cancel these policies.

The logic was as flawed as the reporting which led Reuters to issue a correction. The corrected article was in response to this notice issued by Anthem/Wellpoint explaining the facts.

Rescission (the cancelling of health insurance policies) is not widespread with Blue Cross or any health insurance company. All policies, not just health insurance, have provisions that allow them to deny a claim or cancel a policy if there is proof positive the applicant has lied on the application or misrepresented the facts with regard to their health.

As someone with more than 35 years in the health insurance industry, I can tell you that most people give honest responses to health questions on the application. But I also talk to those who are looking for ways to hide medical conditions in an attempt to obtain coverage. They will say things like, “If I don’t tell the insurance company (about my condition) how will they know?”.

Or sometimes it comes in the form of “I have not been diagnosed with anything so it isn’t a pre-existing condition”.

Both of these approaches will create problems down the road for the applicant and any agent that assists them in filing a fraudulent application.

In all my years I have only had one policy rescinded. The individual who applied for coverage lied about a medical condition and hid the fact they had been treated before applying for coverage. They lied to me, they lied to the health insurance company.

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