Blue Cross of Georgia Rejected My Application

Got a call from a guy a few days ago and it seems he applied for health insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia (BCBSGA) and his application was rejected. His story was, they were too picky, wanting details on a doctor visit from seven years ago.

Well, they CAN be picky, but not that picky.

So I asked a few questions to see what I was in for.

He has some issues, but based on what he revealed no deal breakers. Biggest hurdle based on what he told me was the cholesterol medication (which he promptly discontinued after 2 months but later “got religion” and decided he better get back to the doctors office and get a new Rx), and smoking an “occasional” cigarette.

I spent over an hour on the phone listening to his story and helping him understand what health insurance companies are looking for before deciding to move forward and try to find coverage.

I took detailed notes about his health history and told him I would pre-screen everything to see where we have our best shot. I sent an application over to complete and return to me. The completed app revealed more detail, but nothing that was a deal breaker. Based on a pre-screen it seemed Aetna was our best shot.

We completed the application and submitted to Aetna.

This morning I got a copy of a rejection letter from Humana. Seems he had applied with them as well.

The letter said, based on a review of medical records they would not be able to issue a policy. In addition to the elevated cholesterol and tobacco use he also has COPD, an enlarged prostate and elevated PSA.

Somehow those facts were overlooked during our earlier conversation . . .

I referred him to the Georgia assignment system and suggested he pick up a stand alone PPO network to accompany the plan.

We offer all the major Georgia health insurance plans and pre-screen every application before submitting the application.


  1. Blue cross usually look into your record of the last 2 years for pre-existing issues. If you lied about any thing on your record in the last 5 years or so, they will disqualify you

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