How to Buy Health Insurance in Georgia

If you are looking to buy health insurance in Georgia, there is one place you should never go.

Direct to the carrier.


Here’s why.

When you buy direct you deal with a carrier CSR (customer service rep).

Carrier CSR’s are not a good source for answers to your questions. You would be better off in most cases with a weak agent vs a CSR.

CSR’s are hourly workers with little training . . . usually a week or even less. They sit in a booth all day wearing a headset and looking at a computer monitor.

Conversations are recorded and timed. If they spend too much time on the phone they are notified it is time to kill the call and move on to the next one. Too many warnings and they lose their job.

The only answers they have are based on an FAQ system. You ask a question, they key it in, then read the answer.

Want to talk to a supervisor?

Good luck.

It won’t happen until you have a problem that is escalated and that will only occur after several phone calls by you to the carrier.

I can’t imagine why anyone would want to deal direct with a carrier. I have been working with them for over 30 years. I know the answers to most questions but also know where to go and what questions to ask to get the answers I need. Even then, it frustrates me from time to time.

As long as you deal direct with carriers you will almost always pay more than you need and never get real value for your money.

And you will continue to be frustrated.

The choice is yours. Deal direct with a carrier CSR or buy through an agent who can give real advice without reading from a computer screen.

Do you have questions? We have answers.

If you have a question about health insurance, or are looking to buy affordable health insurance in Georgia, give us a call.

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