Maternity Coverage in Georgia

Looking to buy maternity coverage in Georgia? Your options are limited if you want someone else to pay for your care. Blue Cross of Georgia is the only health insurance company offering maternity “insurance” at this time. ObamacareĀ wiped out all the other options.

UPDATE: Click for current maternity options in Georgia.

If you want Blue Cross to assist in paying for the cost of your pregnancy you must buy the most expensive plan they offer then pay an extra $200 or so each month for maternity coverage.

If you want to use the maternity benefits you must wait 12 months before maternity benefits are payable. Your pre-natal care will be covered as any illness subject to copay’s and the major medical deductible.

When time comes to deliver you owe the hospital $3,000, Blue Cross pays the rest.

Not much of a benefit.

But you get access to Blue Cross discounts which reduce the total bill for pre-natal and delivery to about $6000 for a normal delivery. Add about $2,000 to that for a scheduled c-section.

If you are going to be required to fund the bulk of the cost of maternity any way a better choice would be to buy an HSA qualified high deductible plan and take advantage of discounts through Careington.

By pairing the two you save at least $150 per month in premiums (and usually much more than that) and get tax deductions as well.

Another advantage to using a discount plan such as Careington is there are no waiting period for benefits to begin. Unlike health insurance that will not issue coverage if you are already pregnant, Careington can be purchased any time, even if you are already pregnant.

CareingtonĀ can also be used to generate discounts on pre-existing medical conditions not covered by your health insurance policy.

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