Georgia SHBP Blues

If things go as expected, state and local employee’s enrolled in the Georgia SHBP might be singing the Blues. Cigna and United Health Care may lose their lucrative contract to provide coverage for the state health plan and Blue Cross muscles their way back in.                    Georgia SHBP

An issue that Reese and his staff (at Community Health) face is the new contract for the State Health Benefit Plan (Georgia SHBP), which covers more than 650,000 state employees, teachers, school personnel, retirees and dependents.

Currently, UnitedHealthcare and Cigna hold the contract, with United covering more than 90 percent of members. Community Health had been expected to announce the winner of the new contract early in July. The winner would begin serving members Jan. 1.

Speculation on the winning bidder has centered on a single vendor — Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia, the state’s largest health insurer.

Georgia Health News

Blue Cross had the Georgia SHBP for years and lost it to United and Cigna about 5 years ago. At the time the transition was not without issues as United scrambled to complete their network in the rural areas of the state. Within a few months hospitals in almost every county were eventually signed up with United and the turmoil subsided.

But some industry officials say they fear that Blue Cross’ reimbursements for services will be lower than the current rates, and lead to a financial squeeze for some medical providers.

Now that it’s mid-July, contract concerns are swirling. Community Health said it anticipates making an announcement on the winning vendor soon. But beyond that, it said, it “cannot comment on open and ongoing procurements.’’

Blue has already thrown their hat in the ring and as of now will be the only carrier offering coverage on the Obamacare exchanges in all Georgia regions.

Individuals seeking a premium subsidy can only get taxpayer assistance if they buy through the exchange and in some areas your choice will be Blue Cross or Blue Cross.

So much for more competition under Obamacare . . .

Doctors and hospitals currently participating in the Georgia SHBP may opt out of the Blue Cross contract if they feel the reimbursements are too low compared to what they have been accustomed to with United and Cigna. This could be bad news for employees who have health insurance through the Georgia SHBP.


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Cigna Lowers Rates

Cigna of Georgia lowers rates for 2012 by as much as 25%. January, 2012 and later will reflect the new, lower rates.

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Obamacare Casualties

Five more health insurance companies become casualties in the Obamacare war on consumers. Aetna, Cigna, Guardian, American Community and Pekin will all leave the individual major medical market in the next few months. Together, these 5 insurance companies cover about 10% of those with individual health insurance in the state of Indiana.

Obamacare sinking

As reported by the IBJ . . .

Their major complaint is about the new health law’s requirement that at least 80 percent of premiums be spent on medical bills. That new rule, known formally as a medical loss ratio or MLR, takes effect this year for all individual policies the insurers hold, not just new policies.

The insurers argue that the marketing and administrative expenses on individual policies are so high that they cannot transition so quickly to the new standard.

Even if they could make the change, policyholder services are already suffering due to downsized customer service departments. This means longer hold times and a greater chance of getting voice mail in lieu of a real person.

Many carriers have already shifted their customer service overseas to places like India and Pakistan where wages are lower.

Imposing loss ratio's on company's operating in a competitive market is stupid to say the least. If a carrier spends too much on themselves and it leads to an increase in premium rates they will lose market share.

The idiot's in DC look at pockets where market saturation is dominated by one or more carriers and claim this is proof positive that more regulation is needed. According to the report, Anthem Blue Cross has a 65% market share which politicians use to defend their position.

I look at the same thing and say they must be doing something right, delivering good value, or else their market share would be significantly less.

Golden Rule health insurance is number 2 in Indiana with 10% of the market.

If Blue Cross has 6.5x the market share of Golden Rule one must conclude that Blue delivers a better value than Golden Rule. Their pricing has nothing to do with how much, or how little, either carrier spends internally on administration.

So far Georgia is pretty much immune to the wholesale withdrawal by health insurance companies but our time is coming. I would not be surprised to see Aetna or Cigna pull out of Georgia before the end of the year.

Their products have failed to deliver good value for some time and the same can be said for Golden Rule who have been uncompetitive for over 3 years now.

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Out of State Health Insurance

The GA legislature approved the sale of non-compliant health insurance, an incredibly stupid idea. Carriers approved to sell health insurance in Georgia will be allowed to offer plans approved in other states that have fewer mandates. The belief is this will create more choice and lower prices.

They are wrong.

With this passing, a company such as Cigna could offer a policy they sell in Texas to be sold in Georgia. On the surface, the policy may seem identical to ones offered here but the devil is in the details.

Details you will not know about unless you read the policy limitations and exclusions section.

Something no one ever does.

These non-compliant plans will have to be filed with the Georgia Dept. of Insurance and approved before they can be sold here. That process can easily take a year or longer. United Healthcare spent 4 years applying to get new policies approved. Those plans were finally approved in October of 2010.

So where will consumers find these policies?

Only by calling the carriers direct and even that is questionable. Good chance the carrier won't have Georgia rates for a Texas plan and will not care to develop that rate structure.

Current quote engines are not programmed to illustrate policies from other states on a side by side basis. If a consumer wants to see the Texas plan and compare it to a Georgia plan they won't be able to do that.

They can run a quote for Georgia, then one for Texas (using a Texas zip code) but even then the Texas quote won't be accurate. That plan is priced based on the cost of health care in Texas, not Georgia, so consumers won't know if the plan is less expensive or not.

With Obamacrap unfolding in 2014, I doubt any carriers will be willing to invest money to reprice plans to be sold in other states. Even if they do, there is the expense of filing the new plan and rates and underwriting guideline with in different states.

In fact, many carriers are withdrawing from the individual major medical market and have no desire to expand since the rules, and rates, will all change in 2014.

Bottom line is this.

The legislators spent all this time and effort to approve a bill that will accomplish nothing.

This is what happens when elected officials, that have no understanding about the industry they are attempting to regulate, make laws.

Just another stupid government trick.

Obamacare and Single Payer

For some reason, many think they want a single payer health care system. What they don't know is, Obamacare has already created that in some situations.

I had a call today from a lady looking for health insurance with maternity coverage. I told her how her options were limited to one carrier. When she asked why, I said this was due to Obamacare.

She became annoyed and said this is why we need single payer so the carriers won't hold us hostage.

At this point I had no desire to give singing lessons, so I thanked her for calling and went back to the business at hand. But that got me thinking.

If you consider states like Maine that have intense regulation and mandates with regard to health insurance then it doesn't take long to figure out the only choice other than a government plan is Blue Cross.

If you don't like or don't qualify for the taxpayer funded plan you buy from Blue Cross . . . and you pay some of the highest health insurance premiums in the country.

Obamacrap has come to Georgia already in a sense. Last spring if you wanted maternity benefits you could pick from about a half dozen health insurance companies and different kinds of maternity benefits.

Thanks to Obamacrap, now you have one choice.

Blue Cross.

If you want maternity coverage in Georgia you buy from Blue Cross. The additional premium (in addition to the regular premium on this "Cadillac" plan) is about $200 per month. You must pay that premium for 12 months before you conceive and then you can start to access the benefits.

Over a two year period (your one year waiting period plus another 9+ months waiting on the baby) you will pay in over $2,000 in additional premiums. Once the baby arrives and the bill is totaled, your share of a normal delivery will be about $5,000 and Blue Cross will pay less than $1,000.

Once Obamacrap became law every carrier but Blue Cross pulled out of the maternity market making them, in effect, a single payer.

Many will remember the days of Ma Bell when you got your service from AT&T (or one of their subsidiaries) or you didn't have phone service. Your phone came in a basic black (although they later added different colors for the Princess line), but your choices were limited.

And everyone complained . . .

Now we have phone service in all sizes and packages, and people still complain, but at least you have a choice. If you don't like your current phone company you can go somewhere else.

But in Georgia, if you want maternity coverage you pick Blue Cross. If you don't like what they have to offer you do without because Obamacrap has made them a single payer when it comes to maternity coverage.

So for those who think they want single payer, how is this working for you?

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Wedding Postponed for Health Insurance

The Washington Post reports a bride to be in North Carolina has postponed her wedding until she can obtain health insurance. According to the Post:

Rachelle Friedman was paralyzed from the chest down after one of her bridesmaids shoved her into a pool just a month before her June wedding to her college sweetheart.

Things can get rowdy sometimes and this is definitely tragic, but so is going without health insurance. As Marlin Perkins might say, "Just as a mother bear protects her cubs, protecting your finances from loss is accomplished with a health insurance policy".

They told ABC News that their combined income as a married couple would be too high to qualify for Medicaid payments. Friedman needs the state and federally funded health coverage to pay for her constant care and rehabilitation.

We don't know how old this woman is, nor anything about her finances before the accident. Nor do we know if her parents could have provided health insurance for her either separately, or as a dependent on their plan. This moment of revelry has changed her life, probably forever and now they are expecting the taxpayers to pay for her care.

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