What is an HDHP?

HDHP (high deductible health plan) is what it seems. No moving parts (in most cases). You pay the small medical bills, the policy pays the big ones. Pretty simple.

Some (but not all) HDHP's are eligible for coupling with an HSA. Your insurance agent can tell you which plans are HSA compliant and which are not.

The HDHP works like this. You choose a health insurance plan with a high deductible, usually $3500 or more, but it can go as high as $20,000. You act as your own health insurance company up to the deductible, the plan pays the rest.

Most plans pay 100% of covered charges above the deductible but some will pay a lesser amount such as 70 or 80%.

Some plans have a few office visit copay's or Rx copay's to give some sex appeal. They are usually a waste of money and are not HSA compatible.

Other plans are in fact limited benefit plans that do not cover brand name prescription drugs or may not cover any medication expenses at all. Others will not pay for outpatient doctor visits.

This is like buying auto insurance that covers everything except when you are at fault.

In looking for an HDHP you want comprehensive coverage that pays 100% after the deductible is satisfied and does not throw in a few copay's as window dressing.

Georgia Insurance Shop has plenty of HDHP's available from all the major health insurance companies. If you are looking for affordable health insurance in Georgia and have an interest in HDHP's and HSA's, we are your resource.

How do Individual and Family Deductible's Differ

Many ask, what is the difference in an individual and family deductible for health insurance in Georgia. The response is, it depends . . .

If you are considering a plan with copay's for doctor visits, the answer is relatively simple. For covered expenses not paid by a copay, the charges will apply toward your INDIVIDUAL major medical deductible.

Each family member will have their own individual deductible, but the family will also have a deductible. Typically the FAMILY DEDUCTIBLE is 2x to 3x the individual deductible.

High deductible plans that are compatible with HSA's (Health Savings Accounts) may either have and individual and a family deductible limit, or it may have an aggregate family deductible.

HSA compatible health insurance plans offered by Aetna and Cigna differ from health insurance plans from Humana and Celtic.

Currently (10/1/2010) Blue Cross (BCBSGA) does not offer HSA compatible plans.


Blue Cross (BCBSGA) has reintroduced HSA compatible plans. Quote, review and apply at BCBSGA.

If you have questions about affordable health insurance in Georgia, give us a call. You have questions, we have answers.