Finding the Best Rate

Overpaying for Medicare supplement plans in Georgia is not necessary. When you pay more you don't get more, you simply paid too much. So how do you know if you got a good rate or not?

Ask an independent agent who has the best rates for your situation.

United of Omaha Medigap in GA

George has Medicare supplement plan G that he purchased from a GA agent last year when he was 66. He bought from a name carrier, United of Omaha, which is a solid Medigap company.

George has been pleased with his plan but he wanted to check out options before his next renewal so he called me. He said he was paying $110 per month for the United of Omaha plan.

We don't know what his renewal will be but I expect it to be in the range of $133 based on current rates for United of Omaha new business. He may also have to pay back premiums to cover the under-payment over the last year.

Paying the Wrong Rate

Whether through agent error or something else, George is paying a rate for a FEMALE. When United discovers the shortage he will have to pay that money back retroactive to the original effective date.

The longer he waits the more he will have to pay.

The best rate we have for plan G at age 67 is $114 per month, slightly more than the $110 he is paying but less than the $133 plus back premiums he will pay if he continues with United.

His agent did not do him any favors last year.

Finding the Best Medigap Rate

The best rate last year for a male age 66 was $94 per month which is not only less than the female rate billed by United but is less than the $123 which is the true rate that should have been charged.

Had George called me last year he could have saved over $300 in premium payments.

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United of Omaha – Medicare Supplement Plans

Georgia Medicare supplement plans issued by United of Omaha may see huge rate increases. United of Omaha, a Mutual of Omaha company, has filed for renewal increases of up to 24% in neighboring states.

So far, no word on what will happen to GA Medigap plans but there is no reason to believe we will be passed over.

They have singled out supplement plan N, a popular gap plan that is no longer available to new applicants.

If you have United of Omaha Medicare supplement plan N you may want to consider making a change NOW before the rate increase hit's in Georgia.

Georgia Insurance Shop has the lowest rates and most affordable Medicare supplement plans in the state. Ask for a quote.

Plan N Gone!

It is now official. United of Omaha will be removing Medicare supplement plan N from their portfolio. Applications submitted prior to April 22, 2011 for plan N will be considered. Applications signed and dated after April 22 or received after May 6, 2011 will be returned.

If you currently have a Georgia United of Omaha Medicare supplement plan N you should consider swapping if for a new plan with another carrier. Since United of Omaha is closing this block to new entrants the next step will be to issue significantly higher rate increases until the block stabilizes or disintegrates. 

If you are healthy and can pass underwriting, we have several options with other carriers that have low premiums.

If you opted for United of Omaha plan N because of their willingness to take anyone regardless of health, we still have an option.

Ask us for a competitive quote and comparison now on a Georgia Medicare supplement plan.

Gerber, United of Omaha Offline

If you are looking online for Medicare supplement plan rates in Georgia, you will not see plans from Gerber or United of Omaha. Currently the only Medigap rates are through BCBSGA.

Nothing official, but this usually means a rate increase is coming and possibly one or more plans will no longer be available. We hope to get to the bottom of this very soon.

While Gerber and United of Omaha have been competitive in some situations, we have more affordable Medigap plans offline.

If you are looking for affordable Medicare supplement plans in GA, feel free to run a quote but for the most competitive plan ask us for a recommendation.

Affordable Medigap

Finding an affordable Medicare supplement plan in GA isn't easy. While some plans are online, they are usually higher priced than plans available through a Georgia agent that specializes in Medigap coverage.

Top agents will always have a variety of plans from BCBSGA, Gerber, Mutual of Omaha and more but there are some real gems to be found among lesser known gap plans.

We found an article on Georgia Medicare Plans to be a helpful resource in searching for affordable Medicare supplement plans in Georgia.

Diabetes and Medicare

Diabetes testing & supplies. What does Medicare cover? Does your Georgia Medicare supplement plan pay for items not covered by Medicare? Answers can be found at "Does Your Medicare Supplement Plan Cover Diabetes Testing and Supplies?".

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Rate Increase – Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare supplement plans from United of Omaha and Mutual of Omaha will be getting rate increases of up to 18%. Read our money saving post at Georgia Medicare Plans.

Compare Georgia Medicare Plans Online

Online instant Georgia Medicare supplemental insurance rates. Click to compare GA Medicare rates and benefits. Medigap plan F, low rates.

Compare rates from Blue Cross with Gerber and United of Omaha, a Mutual of Omaha company.

Compare Medicare supplement plan F with plan G and plan N.

Low rates from other GA Medicare supplement insurance carriers available offline by request.

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