Checking Out Your Medicine Chest

Insurance carriers regularly look in your medicine chest . . . mostly when you apply for life or health insurance. They want to know what medications you have taken over the last few years. This information is used to determine how healthy (or not) you have been and whether (or not) you might be a good risk going forward.

You pay for insurance with your dollars, but you QUALIFY for life and health insurance with your health.

Want to know what the carriers see?

Carriers pull data from any number of sources, but the bulk of your prescription medicine history comes from Millimen Intelliscripts or Ingenix. Every time you fill a script that information is reported to PBM’s (pharmacy benefit managers) like MedPoint or ExpressScripts. These companies sell that data to Intelliscripts and Ingenix.

Individuals who have applied for life, health or disability coverage may request a copy of any prescription report directly from MedPoint or Intelliscript. Reports are available once a year whether or not there has been an adverse decision by an insurance carrier.

You can request a copy of your MedPoint report by calling (888) 206-0335 or writing to: MedPoint Compliance, Ingenix, Inc., 2525 Lake Park Blvd, West Valley City Utah 84120. Additional contact information can be found at this website.

IntelliScript reports are available by calling the toll-free request line at (877) 211-4816. Consumers will have to provide their full name, date of birth, last four digits of their Social Security number and current zip code. Milliman will provide a copy of any information the company has on an individual as well as the names of insurance companies that have requested a prescription history. The company’s Web site includes information about the product as well as additional contact information.

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