Cigna Dental Insurance

Cigna dental insurance for Georgia individuals and families. Find Cigna dental plans and rates. Instant Cigna dental quotes.  

Cigna dental insurance

Dental insurance from Cigna allows you to use any dentist. Additional discounts and lower out of pocket apply when you use a Cigna participating dentist. Cigna dental plans offer the following:

  • Low annual per person deductible applies to Basic and Major services
  • Cigna dental preventive services covered at 100%, deductible does not apply
  • Fillings, non-routine X-rays, emergency services and simple extractions, Cigna dental pays 80% of allowed charges after deductible
  • Crowns, inlays, root canal, periodontics and anesthetic, your Cigna dental plan pays 80% of allowed charges after deductible.

Dental insurance from Cigna is not available as a stand alone policy, it must be purchased as an add-on to a Cigna major medical health insurance plan. 

If you are looking for a superior dental insurance plan without major medical, consider one of the Humana dental insurance plans. Humana Preventive Plus is an excellent value, and allows you to use any dentist.

Cigna dental insurance plans require a 6 month waiting period before you can access Basic services and a 12 month waiting period before Major services are available for use. Your Cigna dental plan has a $1000 annual maximum on covered services.

Coinsurance applies to Basic and Major services. The amount paid by Cigna dental plan is a percent of their internal fee schedule for participating dentists. This is NOT the same as paying 80% or 50% of actual billed charges. If you use a Cigna participating dentist your out of pocket will be less than using a non-par dentist. 

Cigna dental plans and dentists are available in Atlanta and Athens. Coming soon to other areas of the state.

As with most dental insurance plans, benefit restrictions and policy limitations apply. Ask for a Cigna dental insurance plan summary of benefits for full details.