Confused about Georgia health insurance? You are not alone.

Watch Our Informative Videos!

At Georgia Insurance Shop we take the time to help you understand what you have, what you need, and how to get the most for your total health care dollar. We work with all the top carriers to give you the best value and make sure the plan you choose fit’s like a comfortable pair of shoes.

We are proud to make these short video’s available, courtesy of Humana Insurance Company.

Why is Health Care Expensive?

Health insurance is like the weather. Most people complain about it but few do anything about it. This short video explains
why healthcare is expensive.


Deductibles, Copay’s, Coinsurance . . . Oh My!

What is a deductible? Do you pay it before the copay or after? Or is it paid instead of a copay? Why does some coverage have only a copay while others have a deductible and a copay. 


How Do Networks Help Hold Down Costs?

Provider networks are like invisible fences. You can easily slip in and out of network without even knowing it. Did you receive treatment from a hidden provider? Have you submitted a PARE claim? Just what is a network? Provider networks are your friend, but only if you know how they work.




Why Do I Need Drug Coverage?

This is a common question, especially from those who either do not take maintenance medication, or take medications that are only a few dollars. Drug coverage is like everything else. You buy it BEFORE you need it. Once you find you need a medication that cost’s $3,000 per dose it is too late to buy insurance for that drug. Still, there are ways to save money if you can be a wise consumer and make the right choices.



What is the Difference in a PPO and an HMO and Why Should I Care?

For the most part, the differences are minor, but still you need to know. There are a lot of myths about HMO’s in particular. I have quite a few clients covered by HMO plans and most of them would never go back to a PPO.


Take Charge of Your Health Care Dollars!

Few of us have money to burn, and even if you do there is no reason to give it all away on health care. Unfortunately there are not coupons or sales on health care, but by making wise choices you can save 30% – 40% every month. Learn how to take charge.




Health Savings Accounts

Almost 80% of my clients are taking charge of their health care dollars, saving hundreds each month and using the tax code to their advantage to subsidize the cost of health care. The greatest tool available to consumers is the Health Savings Account, but only if they know how to use it. This short video explains the alphabet soup of plans available to individuals and employees.



If you would like to review plans available from Humana and other fine carriers, feel free to run quotes and compare plans at your leisure. Of course, we are always available to answer any questions and guide you through the process.