Craig is Gone

Over the 35+ years I have been involved in the health insurance business I have come to know a lot of people. Most are likeable, some are not.

Thanks to the internet my range of contacts has expanded considerably. I have friends in several states and many of them are also in the health insurance business.

I participate in consumer forums, social networking sites and business forums. Through one forum dedicated to insurance agents I came to know Craig.

Craig was a few years younger than me, but not by much. He was a frequent poster on that forum and it was through one exchange a few months ago I learned he had cancer.

The thread highlighted the cost of prescription medication, especially cancer med's. If there is one area of health insurance that I insist everyone cover, it is the cost of prescription medications. You never know when you will need medication, for cancer or anything else. If your health insurance policy doesn't include coverage for med's you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

Erbitux has been used in the last few years as a last resort medication for certain cancers, notably colon cancer. I say last resort because like so many medications these days the cost is astronomical.

In March of this year Craig commented his latest dose of Erbitux was $13,360 for 10mg.

Yes, that is correct. $13,360 for 10mg of Erbitux.

Without health insurance that includes an Rx benefit (not just a discount card) most people would have to forget treatment for their illness.

In March Craig reported he was doing well. By June things had changed.

Craig died over the weekend. Our prayers go out to his family.

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