Dental Crisis

Georgia Insurance Shop is proud to offer a wide variety of dental plans for residents of Georgia. Almost 100 million Americans lack dental insurance according to CBS news.

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If you are looking for dental coverage, we have found three very good options for Georgia residents. Two of the plans require participants to use network dentists while the third allows you to choose any dentist. With all dental plans you can review options, rate and apply online.

Toothplans is a gateway to 15 or more discount dental plans. There are no waiting periods, no deductibles and no annual caps. Participating dentists will discount the price of services on preventive and major work (including orthodontia).

Teethplan from CompBenefits is a DHMO (dental Health Maintenance Organization) that delivers outstanding value with insured benefits. There are no deductibles, annual caps or waiting periods.

Our newest addition allows you to CHOOSE ANY DENTIST. Like the other plans, there are no waiting periods for preventive or major care. Unlike other dental plans, you are not required to change dentists. You can continue using the same dentis you have for years and receive all the benefits of an insured dental plan.

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