Diabetic Health Insurance

Georgia diabetics age 55 – 63 may now qualify for true major medical coverage subject to new underwriting guidelines. Those who wish to apply must meet the all of the following to be considered for coverage.

  • Pre-diabetes* or type 2 diabetes only
  • Applying for a CoreMed or OneDeductible plan with a deductible of at least $2,000
  • Resident of a state where a rating can be applied
  • Age 55 through 63
  • Not taking insulin, Byetta or other injectable medication for diabetes
  • No diabetes-related health complications (neuropathy, retinopathy with more than two lesions, kidney disease, coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease, cerebral vascular disease)
  • If Type 2 diabetes, no tobacco use within the past two years

* Pre-diabetes includes conditions of glucose intolerance, hyperglycemia, impaired fasting glucose, hyperinsulinemia, insulin intolerance and insulin resistance.

Apply direct or call to pre-qualify your application.

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