Discount Medical Cards Sold in Georgia

Are any of the discount medical cards sold in Georgia with the price?

Some are. Some aren’t.

Sadly, many discount medical cards are sold under false pretense and sold to the wrong people. One example is a marketing firm operating out of Nashville.

United Benefits of America said it serves the uninsured by selling them bundles of benefits, such as prescription discount cards and limited coverage insurance. Some employees said they thought they’d be helping the uninsured but ended up quitting because they were disgusted at the practices.

At first these cards appeared on a stand alone basis. Many were sold by firms with a $100 non-refundable application fee and “premiums” as high as $179 per month.

You should NEVER pay an application fee for any insurance or discount plan.

The pitch given to potential customers is called TAFT.
“In the TAFT pitch, I was told to tell them any f***ing thing,” a former employee said
On hidden camera, a manager explained how to use TAFT to convince patients, many suffering from cancer and AIDS, of a deadline that doesn’t exist.
“TAFT is tell them any f***ing thing,” the manager said. “Tell them today’s the last day of open enrollment. We’ve only got so many approvals to get. That’s TAFT.”

Of course this approach is not just limited to discount cards. Some insurance agents will use the same tactics to peddle their policy then move on to the next victim.

There is nothing inherently wrong with discount cards as long as the buyer knows what they are getting and what they are not getting.

People who should never buy discount cards include those who have insurance already, but with a few exceptions. If you have major medical coverage you do not need a discount card. However you might want a discount card if your policy riders (excludes) certain medical conditions that can be costly.

Some examples would be, if your policy excludes maternity and you need/want to take advantage of pre-negotiated rates for maternity, a discount card is something to consider.

If your policy has ridered (excluded) treatment of pre-existing conditions such as high cholesterol, hypertension or asthma, you might want to take advantage of favorable pricing for medication and doctor visits under these plans. Keep in mind, if your policy has such riders, not only do these expenses fail to accumulate toward satisfying the deductible there are NO DISCOUNTS for treatment (including medication) for the ridered conditions.

We will occasionally suggest medical discount cards to clients who cannot qualify for major medical coverage and do not have access to an employer group health insurance plan. If you are covered under the Georgia assignment system, unless you have an HMO, you are not entitled to any network discounts so finding a good discount card is suggested.

We will look at some GOOD discount medical plans in a future blogpost. In the interim, if you are looking for affordable health insurance in Georgia and want a health insurance quote, Georgia Insurance Shop is your resource.

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