DIY Georgia Health Insurance

When it comes to buying health insurance in Georgia, it seems some folks just want to do it themselves. I have been in this industry for more than 30 years and can't imagine why anyone would want to go to the trouble of looking at hundreds of health insurance plans, going to numerous websites, entering your information over and over only to have your phone ring off the hook and then give up in frustration and just apply direct with insurance companies.

Health insurance companies are not set up to do anything other than take your order. That may be fine, but most of the time you may not like what you bought.

It's like going into a fancy restaurant where the menu is in French which can be a problem unless you are fluent in French. You think you are buying a plan that covers prescription drugs and will be accepted everywhere only to discover later that your medication and your doctor are not on the plan.

If everyone was in perfect health your job would be much easier. Unfortunately, most folks have some kind of ailment they are willing to dismiss as "nothing" only to find out the health insurance company feels it is a big deal.

Like the fellow I have been trying to help for the last 4 months. His medical bills and health insurance premiums combined ran almost $20,000 last year. Some of those expenses are extraordinary and won't repeat, but he needs help.

Instead of taking my advice he calls to let me know he is going with Kaiser and wants to see prices on coverage for his wife and son.

I got news for him.

Kaiser won't take him.

Neither will Aetna, Blue Cross, or Cigna.

I don't even have to run numbers or make application. I just know how each of these health insurance companies will view his application.

Finding affordable Georgia health insurance can be challenging, but it is not difficult when you know where to look and how the game it played.

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