Is Your Doctor Boycotting Obamacare?

One of the questions still remaining about ACA is this. Is your doctor boycotting Obamacare? Just because you have a health doctor boycotting obamacareinsurance card in your pocket, does not mean you have unfettered access to affordable health care. Health insurance bought on the exchange means you have coverage with limited doctor and hospital networks.

Your doctor,your choice becomes your doctor, no choice.

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Is Your Doctor Boycotting ACA Health Insurance Coverage?

Ask if your doctor is in network before you buy a health insurance policy. Here is what Dr. Bill Grace has to say about doctors boycotting Obamacare.

“Right now that back end (of is in chaos. … We don’t even know if we should sign up for these plans, because we have a suspicion that many of [them] offer very little reimbursement or offer a loss to the physicians who are going to see these patients,” Grace told Larry Kudlow on CNBC’s “Kudlow Report”.

“No physician wants to take money out of his pocket and put it in the government’s.”


Most exchange based ACA plans use HMO networks. In some cases there is only one hospital in the network and that hospital may be miles away.

How many doctors offices and hospitals will you drive by on your way to get to a health care provider that participates in your plan?

Your exchange based health insurance plan does not guarantee you access to affordable health care.

The solution is to buy OFF the exchange.

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Your doctor, your choice.

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Limited Doctor and Hospital Networks

But as Obamacare puts more people in the Medicaid system, Grace said fewer doctors are treating Medicaid patients.

“The problem is, who’s going to care for you when you have Medicaid?” he said. “For an hour-and-15-minute evaluation of a cancer patient, I get $6.50. That won’t even pay for the electricity. What kind of physician will you get … what kind of specialist will you get?”

With reimbursement that low is it any wonder why doctors are boycotting Obamacare?

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