Does This Health Insurance Make My Butt Look Big?

A fellow agent made the remark that most folks spend more time deciding on a pair of jeans than they do health insurance. For many, that is probably true. They go online, fill in a few blanks then POOF, over a hundred plans magically appear sorted from low price to high.

Is this any way to buy health insurance?

No way.

Based on almost daily conversations with people who have either looked online and were totally confused or worse, actually bought something without "trying it on" the uninitiated, online buyer is playing with dynamite.

These same buyers will shop for hours for the right pair of jeans, reading labels and price tags and then hauling an armload of pants to the dressing room where they will try on one and then another in front of a mirror. Many times they will leave the store without making a purchase but they spent an hour looking.

The same folks will visit an online health insurance quoting site, take 3 minutes to enter some personal data then pick the lowest price plan that pops up.

I know because of the numerous folks who go to Georgia Insurance Shop and run their own rates then 5 minutes later are applying online for coverage. About 80% of them never complete the application and never accept my invitation to help. Since they refuse interaction I have no idea if they bought somewhere else or not.

My guess is they got frustrated with the process and simply postponed making a decision. After all, procrastination is a decision in itself.

From personal experience and dealing with all the major health insurance companies as well as literally hundreds of health insurance clients I can tell you that for most carriers customer service is non-existent and will only get worse under Obamacare. I also know that health insurance companies in Georgia use every trick in the book to make their plan appear near the top of the spread sheet when shoppers go online.

They offer plans with low deductibles but thousands of dollars out of pocket on a large claim. They promote plans that don't cover medication. Why? Because they know consumers have no clue how much prescription drugs cost and they will gravitate toward plans that eliminate drug coverage.

They also know consumers have short attention spans and will not take more than 10 minutes (if that) reading brochures and evaluating plans. Just give them a low rate with some benefits they want but don't need like doc copay's and dental and they will be happy.

At least one carrier offers a plan for around $60 per month with some doctor copay's, dental and not much else and it is a best seller. The poor soul that buys this plan will run out of money in less than a week if they are seriously injured or become deathly ill.


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