Elder Care Assistance

Seniors in need of elder care assistance and support to remain active and healthy in their senior years can find most of the help they need at one web site. The NAIP (National Aging in Place) site is a resource and support network to help seniors who want to age gracefully and independently. 

The local chapter in Atlanta, Georgia has contact information for home health care and assisted living arrangements. Here are a few of the senior resources listed on their site.

Home Health Care Solutions

Obtain information about Brightstar, Preferred Care at Home, Sarah Care Adult Day Care, Visiting Angels and more.

Home Care Remodeling

Links and contact information about My Accessible Home, Home for Life Remodeling, Adapted Living Spaces.

Non-Profit Assistance for Seniors

Learn about Helping Hands Therapy Services, Touch the Future, Nurse Consult.

Assisted Living for Georgia Seniors

Contacts for Assisted Living Locators of Atlanta,  Workable Decisions, Preparing for Care and Nhabitation.

Elder Care Legal and Financial Planning

Legal advice from Searcy, Weems-Scott & Cleare, and Elrod-Hill Law Firm

Long Term Care Insurance

Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurance plans will sometimes pay a portion of your long term care needs, but most people need a good long term care policy. Georgia Insurance Shop specializes in Medigap (Medicare supplement plans) but we also offer referral services to qualified long term care specialists. If you are looking for affordable Medigap insurance or long term care insurance, give us a call.

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