Finding Affordable Dental Care in Georgia

Yes, you can find affordable dental care in Georgia. Bum tooth? Bleeding gums? You can get relief without shelling out a lot of dough.

You will find dental insurance, dental plans and dental clinics. TheseĀ  may seem the same but they are not.

Dental insurance for individuals and families comes in three flavors.

Dental HMO’s offer the best overall value. There are no deductibles, most services are covered by an affordable copay, and there are no annual or lifetime caps on benefits. There are also no waiting periods for major services and 6 month check ups including cleaning and X-ray’s are usually $20.

On the other end of the spectrum are indemnity dental insurance plans. You are free to choose any dentist, including your own. Indemnity plans are a bit pricier but the freedom to use any dentist appeals to some people.

Dental PPO plans can deliver value as well but often place restrictions on major benefits. Under most plans, you will not be able to utilize major services until the plan has been in effect for a year.

Most dental PPO plans are not insurance, but offer discounts on most dental services when you use a dentist that is in network.

If you cannot afford dental insurance and dental care there are low cost dental clinics throughout Georgia. These clinics offer services on an ability to pay. Services are not free, but are discounted.

There are plenty of options for those looking for affordable dental care in Georgia.

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