Free Health Insurance

Remember “Under [our] plan, if you like your current health insurance, nothing changes, except your costs will go down by as much as $2,500 per year,” ? That was then, this is now. As Joe Wilson said, "you lied".

Cost of Health Care to Triple Under Obamacare

According Medicare actuary Richard Foster, implementing Obamacare will triple the cost of health care.

In 2014, the actuaries find that growth in the net cost of health insurance will increase by nearly 14 percent, compared to 3.5% if PPACA had never passed. The growth rate of private insurance costs will rise to 9.4 percent, from 5.0 percent under prior law: an 88% increase.

Say it ain't so!

You add new benefits such as "free" preventive care, "free immunizations", "free counseling for diabetes, smoking and weight loss, so what? Just because more people are seeking medical services that are perceived as free, what's the big deal?

Taking 18 million people who have limited access to health care and putting them on Medicaid surely won't increase the cost of health care.

And requiring insurance companies to issue policies to people AFTER they are sick or injured can't possibly increase the cost of health care.

And here is a bonus of Obamacrap.

For 2015–20, growth in private health insurance premiums is expected to slow somewhat and average 5.6 percent annually. Underlying this expectation is that some employers of low-wage workers will stop offering health coverage (and many of their employees will move to the exchange plans, while others move into Medicaid or become uninsured).

But what about the penalty tax employers must pay if they fail to follow the government rule and provide health insurance?

The penalty tax is much less expensive than paying premiums.

Regardless of whether the employer pays the penalty tax or pays health insurance premiums, the customers are the ones who will pay in the form of higher prices for goods and services.

Corporations Don't Pay Taxes

You see, Romney was right when he said "Corporations are people too".

Corporations don't pay taxes.

People pay taxes and those who buy goods and services from corporations that have to follow stupid government mandates are paying in the form of higher prices.

This isn't rocket surgery.



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