Georgia Ambulance Rates Rise

Georgia ambulance rates will increase by 50% for residents in Dekalb county


Residents in need of an ambulance ride in DeKalb County will soon see a 50 percent jump in what they pay for the trip.

The DeKalb County Commission agreed Tuesday to allow Rural/Metro Corporation to increase the fees it charges for medical transport. The jump from $500 to $750 for basic transportation — a ride to the hospital with no advanced-trained personnel on board — brings fees in line with what the service cost in Cobb.

“I don’t have a problem with the increase. I think the fees are reasonable,” commissioner Kathie Gannon said of the unanimous vote to raise Georgia ambulance rates.

Fees will go up for all the company’s services, from providing oxygen to responding to calls where no transportation to a hospital is required. Rural/Metro officials did not return a call for comment but submitted documents to the county showing an average loss of $28 on each of its 32,000 hospital trips this year.

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