Georgia Dental Insurance Plans

If you are looking for dental insurance in Georgia, it can all be very confusing.

Discount plan? PPO? DHMO? Indemnity? Private discount?

Let’s start with the basics.

Most of the plans offered on the internet are discount dental plans. These are not insurance, but more like joining a buyers club like Sam’s or Costco. As long as you use a dentist in the network, you get a discount.

Discount dental plans have no waiting periods, no deductibles, no annual or lifetime maximums. There is no coverage if you use a dentist that is not in the network.

PPO plans are real insurance and work like most health insurance plans. As long as you use a dentist in the network you have good coverage. Go out of network and you will either have no coverage or benefits that are significantly reduced.

Most PPO dental plans have deductibles, annual limits and waiting periods before you can take advantage of major benefits like root canals, crowns and endodontics.

DHMO dental insurance is relatively new and offers the best overall value. DHMO plans will have fewer participating dentists but the value in these plans is outstanding.

There are usually no deductibles, all benefits are covered by a copay or no charge. DHMO plans have no waiting periods or annual maximums.

Indemnity dental insurance plans have the most flexibility and usually the highest premium. With an indemnity plan you are free to use any dentist, including your own.

Most indemnity plans have waiting periods for major benefits but some do not. Indemnity dental insurance plans will have deductibles, coinsurance and annual maximums. Even still, there are benefits, especially if you want to stack them with other plans such as private discount plans.

Private discount plans are relatively new. Your dentist may explain that by joining his or her dental plan you will get discounts on routine and major services. The idea is, if you are willing to pay a fee of $50 – $80 per year you are more likely to schedule appointments for routine services as well as attend to needed dental work rather than postponing.

The discounts may be real or illusory. If you like your dentist and want to catch a break on their fee schedule, then joining their plan may be a good thing.

If you need  major work, stacking your private dentist plan with an indemnity dental insurance plan with no waiting periods can work to your advantage.

When shopping for dental insurance in Georgia, there are many things to consider.

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