How to Make Your Georgia Health Insurance Application Idiot Proof

I see a lot of things on Georgia health insurance applications. Things that will make an underwriter cringe. Underwriters by nature are negative folks with an itchy trigger finger, ready to blow your application away.

The key to getting your health insurance application approved is to know what underwriter’s are looking for, what they need, what they don’t need. It’s all pretty simple really once you understand how the game is played.

One of the keys to smooth underwriting is in picking the right health insurance plan and the right health insurance company. Another is knowing IN ADVANCE which health insurance companies you should NOT apply with for coverage.

That being said, here are some keys to making your health insurance application idiot proof.

  1. Submit applications electronically
  2. Make sure you are honest about your health. Failing to admit relevant health information will delay your application and can result in a denial.
  3. Don’t clutter your application with needless detail. As Joe Friday says, “Just the facts”.
  4. Provide enough information to help the underwriter in assessing you as a risk without causing the underwriter to set your application aside for answers to simple questions.
  5. Diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan (if any) are critical to the underwriting process of your health insurance application.
  6. Some “yes” answers will bog down the process and should not be answered affirmatively.
  7. Some “no” answers are incorrect and should really be answered “yes”.
  8. Be aware of time frames. Some questions apply to the last 10 years while others only apply to the last 12 – 24 months.
  9. Know in advance which conditions are relevant to the underwriting process and which are not.
  10. During the underwriting interview, anticipate the questions and have firm responses for the examiner.

We pre-screen all applications and advise clients of what conditions will create challenges in the underwriting of your health insurance application and which will not. In most cases, we will review your medical conditions with one or more health insurance companies and get their “best estimate” of what to expect in the way of an offer.

We don’t blanket your application to multiple health insurance companies, but rather zero in on one or two that will provide your best shot at a favorable offer.

There is no charge for our services. Fees for agents are built in to every plan, so you pay the same rate regardless if you go direct to a health insurance company, use an online out-of-state insurance broker, or use our services. You get the benefit of our 34+ years in the industry at no additional charge.

Before submitting a Georgia health insurance application, be an informed consumer and make your application idiot proof.

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