Georgia Health Insurance Companies are Incompetent

After years of dealing with health insurance on behalf of clients, I am convinced that Georgia health insurance companies are mostly incompetent and definitely indifferent. Seriously.

For the most part, they do manage to issue a health insurance policy . . . some quicker than others. And they pay most health insurance claims on a timely basis and get them right the first time.

But dealing with health insurance companies at the consumer level is like trying to get something done at the Post Office or Department of Motor Vehicles. Consumers who contact health insurance companies for a rate quote will be given little more than “welcome to Big Insurance Company, what would you like to order today?”.

You might as well be visiting your local McDonalds.

I have had prospective clients call me after learning that their plan doesn’t cover outpatient doctor visits or medication . . . it only pays for services rendered while in the hospital. Of course they found out over a year later when they actually used their plan and discovered several thousand dollars of medication and outpatient service claims were denied.

Others have been encouraged to submit an application for health insurance and see what the underwriting department says. Of course that requires paying the first (and sometimes second) months premium and waiting a month or more for a decision. A few minutes on the phone and I knew right away their application was going to be rejected.

How about once the policy is issued? Surely you can get service then?

Don’t count on it.

A few of my clients have decided to handle things on their own by calling the health insurance company direct and asking about options for cutting their premium. One client was told the only difference in the plan she had and the one they suggested was the “new” plan did not cover maternity. Since she was 60 at the time she figured it was time to save a few dollars by dropping maternity.

Heads up.

By the time you get to 60 the cost of maternity is no longer factored into your plan. What the home office rep failed to say was the new plan had higher doctor copays, did not cover lab work until after the deductible was satisfied and had a much lower lifetime maximum. By the time I was notified of the change (when she got a whopping bill for lab work) it was too late to unwind the plan and put her back on the original plan.

Another client, seeking to save money and not wanting to “bother” me with something simple, called home office to request a lower premium option. Not only did the new plan eliminate coverage for doctor visits and prescription drugs, but the change resulted in the company dropping his daughter off the plan since “she did not meet current underwriting standards.”

Fortunately I was able to stop that one before the change was effected and we were able to unwind the damage done by incompetence in the home office.

You may think all plans are the same, and you will get good advice and good service from health insurance companies in Georgia but you are sorely mistaken. I deal with them every day, but have the ability to bypass the customer service reps and deal directly with managers and decision makers.

There are no additional charges or fee’s when you deal with a health insurance agent, and you pay the same premium whether you deal with a health insurance agent that is competent or incompetent. We have over 30 years experience in dealing with the problems, issues and challenges you will face. Buying affordable health insurance in Georgia goes a lot smoother when you allow us to help.

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