Georgia Health Insurance With Maternity Options


  1. BCBS tells me they will cover maternity… That is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia… But 12 month waiting period.

    • Bob Vineyard says

      Yes, that is true. The have one plan with a maternity rider for which you pay an extra premium. Benefits begin after you have had the policy for 12 months.

  2. I understand the 12 month waiting period, but is this 12 mos to deliver OR before you can get pregnant??

  3. Bob Vineyard says

    The Blue maternity benefit is overpriced for what you receive. They used to allow global billing, which could get some of the prenatal care covered and possibly the delivery. I choose not to address that since it is discretionary. It is also a claim issue, not contractual.

    If you are satisfied with the maternity rider, that is great.

  4. BCBS offers a rider at a large premium. The 12 month waiting period is not pre-conception though. You must have the rider for 12 months and 1 day prior to delivery. Therefore, if you concieve 3 months after purchasing the rider, and deliver exactly 9 months and one day later, you are covered, if you go early, you are not covered.

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