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Health Insurance in Atlanta Georgia

Yes you can find affordable health insurance in Atlanta. Buying health insurance in Atlanta, GA  can be as easy as 1-2-3 when Georgia Insurance Shop helps you.

There are major medical insurance plans with copay's, health insurance plans that don't have copay,s, plans that require you to meet a deductible before you can access the copay and even plans that charge you a copay PLUS a percentage of the bill that exceeds the copay.

Did you know there are more than 3,000 different health insurance plans available in Atlanta? And that only counts plans offered by the top 7 health insurance companies like Assurant, Blue Cross of Georgia (BCBSGA), Cigna, Kaiser Permanente and Humana One.

Atlanta medical insurance for individuals and families is available in two flavors. Most health insurance plans are either a PPO or POS. For practical purposes there is no difference to the consumer in a PPO vs. a POS plan. But you will also find HMO plans in Atlanta.

Each type of health insurance plan, PPO, POS or HMO serves a purpose and one is not inherently better or worse than the other.

Individual and family health insurance plans can be offered to self employed individuals and business owners as well as their employees. It is not necessary, and many times it is more expensive, to use a group health insurance plan when individual major medical insurance policies will work just as well.

At Georgia Insurance Shop we offer health insurance plans for individuals and families, business owners and self employed, from all the major health insurance companies. Give us a call to help in evaluating your needs.
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Atlanta Health Insurance Companies

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Hospitals in Atlanta Georgia

* Atlanta Medical Center
* Crawford Long Hospital Atlanta
* Eggleston Children's Hospital at Emory
* Emory Dunwoody Medical Center
* Emory University Hospital
* Grady Memorial Hospital Atlanta
* Northside Hospital Sandy Springs
* Piedmont Hospital Atlanta
* Scottish Rite Children's Hospital Dunwoody
* Shepherd Spinal Center Atlanta
* St. Josephs Hospital Atlanta

Atlanta Charitable Causes

* Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Research
* Brave Kids Candlelighters
* Cure Childhood Cancer

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