Blue Cross

Blue Cross of Georgia health insurance rates. Affordable health insurance plans, low rates for all in Atlanta and around Georgia. Instant insurance quotes,  compare plans & apply direct.

You can purchase Blue Cross of Georgia health insurance with or without dental coverage. Their dental plan is mid-priced offering routine cleanings and exams twice yearly at a nominal charge. Other basic services are covered after satisfying a $50 annual deductible. The Blue Cross dental network is statewide and includes many dentists.


BCBSGA HSA (Health Savings Account)

Blue Cross of Georgia health insurance includes several copay plans and two
HSA qualified plans. The copay plans include an emergency room copay. All plans (including the HSA) cover annual exams for a nominal copay. Major medical deductibles range from $750 to $20,000. Rx deductibles apply before you can access the Rx copay. The HSA plans are issued on a single or family basis. They offer plans that cover expenses at 80% after the deductible as well as 100%. Some plans from Blue Cross do not cover brand name prescription drugs or outpatient benefits.


BCBSGA offers maternity coverage, but only if you purchase a maternity rider at time of application. Like all health insurance companies in Georgia, complications associated with pregnancy are covered as any illness. Maternity benefits covered by the rider are available after the policy has been in effect for 12 months.


As of 10/1/2010 Blue Cross is not offering maternity coverage.

Georgia health insurance shop offers many options and some of the most competitive plans can be found through BCBSGA. With dozens of plans to pick from we can help you find one to meet your needs and budget.

HSA (Health Savings Account) is a popular choice for Georgia health insurance. The BCBSGA plans include annual wellness exams with no waiting period.

BCBSGA Blue Choice 100% (HSA compatible) – No wait annual exam, deductible waived. Exam covered at 100%. Annual out of pocket per person or family is equal to the deductible.

BCBSGA SmartSense POS – A new plan introduced in November, 2009. (SmartSense PPO available in select zip codes). Yearly exam covered with no deductible, insured responsible for 30% of the fee. Office visit copays are $30, copay for ER is $500. Choice of deductibles from $750 to $20,000. Annual out of pocket is the deductible plus $3,000. Maternity is not an option with the SmartSense plans. Optional Enhanced Rx benefit, dental and life available.

BCBSGA Premier PPO –  Premier offers unlimited doctor visits with a $35 office copay.  Yearly exam covered with no deductible, insured is responsible for 20% of the fee. Choice of deductibles from $750 to $20,000. Annual out of pocket is the deductible plus $2,500 (except on deductibles of $10,000 or $20,000 where your out of pocket is limited to the deductible). Optional maternity benefit. Optional Enhanced Rx benefit, dental and life available. UNDERWRITING Underwriting can be brutal and often requires a lot of patience. We pre-screen every application before sending it on to Blue Cross for review. Blue Cross does not issue riders for pre-existing conditions. Instead, they surcharge the standard premium rates to account for the risk.


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