Humana One

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HumanaOne does not offer child only health insurance.

HumanaOne does not offer maternity coverage.

HumanaOne has two very popular health insurance plans that cover everything you really need but don’t leave you holding the bag should you need expensive prescription medication.

HumanaOne Value PlansHumana One

HumanaOne Value continues to be a popular health insurance plan among clients who are willing to trade a slightly higher deductible in order to gain premium savings but still want full Rx coverage with a copay. All covered expenses (except Rx) funnel to satisfy the $7,500 (or $5,000) deductible. Once the deductible is satisfied, network claims are paid a 100%. Value plans have a separate $1,000 deductible for brand name prescription drugs followed by copays. Annual physical exams are covered at no charge.

HumanaOne Copay Plans

Copay plans are popular among those who have come to expect to pay a nominal amount for doctor office vists. Humana copay plans include the value priced Copay 70 and the Enhanced 80 series. These plans offer doctor office copay’s for accident or illness.

HumanaOne Copay 70 is a great health insurance plan for those who are looking for a lower deductible and set office visit copays. Copay 70 gives you the choice of deductibles from $1500 – $5,000 deductible after which covered expenses are paid at 70%. Annual exams are covered with a $35 office visit copay.

HumanaOne HSA Plans

HumanaOne offers two versions of the popular HSA. One is the Enhanced HSA the other is the traditional HSA. The Enhanced HSA includes coverage for brand name prescription drugs and is our preferred recommendation.

In addition to the HumanaOne Copay 70, the Enhanced Copay 80 offers richer benefits such as no limit on doctors visits for those who prefer a higher priced plan.

HumanaOne Short Term Medical Plans

Many times you may only need health insurance for a few months, to bridge you over to your next employer group health plan. In those situations, a short term medical plan from HumanaOne may be ideal.

HumanaOne Dental Insurance

HumanaOne offers two very different, affordable dental insurance plans. The HumanaOne Dental PreventivePlus offers the freedom to use any dentist. Most in network preventive care is covered at 100%.

HumanaOne C550 dental insurance plan has a wide selection of participating dentists in Atlanta, Macon, Columbus, Savannah and Dalton. Network services are offered with a copay. There are no waiting periods or annual plan limits.

Humana offers health insurance in Georgia under the HumanaOne brand.

Humana One revised their health insurance plans in Atlanta a little over three years ago and have become a favorite of Georgia Insurance Shop. They have a wide range of copay plans which are competitively priced with other Georgia health insurance providers. Humana One has some of the best HSA qualified plans in the market but their value priced leader is the Value series. Customer service with Humana One has to be one of their selling points.