Health Insurance Explained

Atlanta Health Insurance explained in short 3 minute video's. Learn about HSA's, PPO's, HMO's and more. Become and expert in 10 minutes.

"Health insurance is something you buy when you don't need it then prav you never use it."

Watch our health insurance video's and become an expert in 10 minutes.

Most Georgia Health Insurance Plans are PPO's HMO's or POS.

I could give you a long winded version of the difference between these type of plans but the easiest and quickest way to explain is in this Georgia Health Insurance Video.

Other video's on Atlanta Health Insurance Plans can be access through our main page by clicking on the section titled Educating out Client.

Video Topics include:

    * What is a Georgia PPO Network?
    * What is Consumer Driven Health Care?
    * What are Deductibles, Copay's and Coinsurance?
    * Why is Georgia Health Care Expensive?
    * Why do Prescription Drugs Cost so Much?
    * What are Georgia Health Savings Accounts?

These video's are produced by Humana. If you want to view Georgia Health Insurance Plans from Humana and run your own rates, you may do so by visiting Georgia Humana Rates.

You may also want to learn more about Georgia Health Savings Accounts by visiting my Atlanta Health Savings Account Site

Compare the best Georgia Health Insurance Plans Here. Approximately 300 plans from the top health insurance companies in Atlanta including Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Blue Cross of Georgia, United HealthCare and more will be provided for your review, in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Georgia Prescription Discount Plan

If you are looking for a discount health card (not insurance) the Careington Total Care Card is the best value on the market. Careington Total Care provides discounts of 20%-40% and access to more than 525,000 medical providers nationwide. Enjoy discounts on doctor charges, hospital bills, Rx Cards, dental care and much more. Apply Online.

Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance coverage is one of our most popular requests. Dental insurance plans come in two distinct formats.

Discount dental plans are relatively low cost, do not have deductibles or annual maximums and no waiting periods. You can view and compare up to 20 plans by visiting Dental Picks.

Our most popular plan is one that allows you to

    * USE ANY DENTIST, including your own.
    * Choose Any Dentist is an affordable dental insurance plan with no waiting periods.
    * All benefits are available the first month.

Insured plans are slightly higher priced but unlike dental discount plans, actually pay for a portion of the cost of your procedures. Some insured dental plans have networks while others do not. You can shop for dental plans online at Toothplans.

DHMO plans are relatively new to Georgia and, unlike most insured plans, do not have deductibles or annual caps. Coverage begins the first of the month following approval of your application. DHMO plans have low copays for most procedures while some routine services are available at no charge.

Our favorite and most competitive DHMO Georgia dental insurance plan is Humana One Dental

Travel Medical Insurance

Did you know your health insurance plan does not cover everything when you are traveling outside of the country? When you are injured or become ill in a foreign country you are required to pay the bill and then file for reimbursement from your carrier.

Because foreign doctors and hospitals are not in network, you may be required to pay several thousand dollars out of pocket for your care. Also, your current health care plan does not cover things like air ambulance (Med Evac) or translation of medical records.

Travel medical is one of the least expensive forms of insurance you can have. You can run rates and compare plans by visiting Trip Medical Insurance.

Trip cancellation coverage is also available at that site.

Georgia Basic Health Insurance

Sadly, many are uninsurable in Georgia and walking a fine line between safety and financial ruin. Thankfully, there are many resources for the uninsured. Be sure to check out Patient Charity for details on plans, resources and assistance for the uninsured.

One excellent resource is Coverage For all. This site will provide information on many taxpayer funded resources including Medicaid, Peachcare and more.

* Georgia Health Access Insurance– Basic Health insurance with only a few health questions.
* No Physical Exam
* Choose any Doctor
* Choose any Clinic
* Choose any Hospital

For a few dollars more you can add the Georgia Accident Insurance Plan.

Georgia Accident Insurance

No health questions or physical exam to qualify. Perfect as a compliment to HIGH DEDUCTIBLE plans or for those who are UNINSURED. Pairs well with