Medicare Supplement Rates

Instant Georgia Medicare supplement plan rates. Compare Medigap plans and premium rates in your GA zip code. Find the best gap plans for your needs and budget.


Things you need to know about Medicare supplement plans and rates.

  • All Georgia Medicare supplement plans are standardized.
  • Medicare gap plans are assigned a letter to distinguish each plan from A through N.
  • All gap carriers are REQUIRED TO PAY THEIR CONTRACTUAL PORTION of your claim once Medicare approves the benefit.
  • If Medicare approves your benefit, your gap carrier CANNOT REFUSE TO PAY THEIR PORTION.
  • If your doctor accepts Medicare assignment, they will also accept your Medigap plan.
  • Your doctor files claims directly with Medicare, not with your gap carrier.
  • Once Medicare approves your benefit, they send the claim on to your gap carrier for the supplemental payment.
  • A higher premium for the same Medigap plan does not mean you have better coverage . . . it simply means you have paid too much.


Why do seniors pay too much for Medigap plans?

Because they do not know there are better values, and more affordable plans available.

Instant quotes are fine but are not always accurate. Even information on plans and rates through government sites (like are rarely accurate and do not include all plans in your area.



Agents have the SAME rates and plan that you get direct from the Medigap carriers. There is no “middle man mark up”.

When you call a carrier direct, or deal with an agent that only offers one company, you are not getting the full picture and may end up paying more than is necessary.


Roughly 90% of the time I find a better rate and value for clients

than what they have picked out for themselves.

If you are not asking us for advice you are probably throwing money out the window.

Who can afford to do that?


Buying a “name brand” or picking a plan endorsed by a senior organization will result in you PAYING TOO MUCH.

Don’t buy anything until you have a competitive Medicare supplement plan quote from us.