Choosing a Drug Plan

Most Georgia seniors have trouble finding the right Medicare Part D drug plan and this is not a surprise. With over 100 plans to pick from (although that number will shrink) and terms like deductibles, copay's and formulary's it can be confusing to anyone.

Even worse, when you find a plan that covers most or all of your medications, the formulary can change mid-year leaving you without coverage or with less coverage.

The best place to start is at Although the site is not always current, and many of the premium rates are incorrect, it is still a decent starting point for most.


How Do I Find a Prescription Drug Plan (PDP)?

Click here to go to

Scroll down to Prescription Drug Plans – Part D and click

Scroll down to Compare drug and health plans & Medigap policies and click

Look for Find Your Medicare Plan, enter your zip code

Click Find Plans

Check off details that apply to you in the box Enter your information

Click Continue to plan results

Enter the name of your drug, then click Find my drug

Repeat for each medication you take.

It isn't perfect but at least it will head you in the right direction.


You can also call 1-800-MEDICARE 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and some federal holidays.


Many people will prefer a more personal touch. In that case, many pharmacy's have staff willing to assist.