Georgia Medicare Plans – Royal Neighbors of America Rate Increase

Georgia seniors, age 65+, will be shocked at their RNA Medicare supplement insurance renewal. Royal Neighbors is currently one of the highest priced plans in GA.

We have been quoting Medigap rates for a while now and are seeing new business rates for RNA that are about 20% higher than in force rates. This makes them the second highest priced plan in the state.

Those who have original Medicare and a supplemental insurance plan will know the only difference in one Medigap carrier to the next is the premium you pay. Doctors have no say whatsoever over which Medigap plans they will accept.

When a doctor agrees to Medicare assignment they are obligated to accept your supplemental plan as well, regardless of who the carrier may be.

Once Medicare approves your claim, your supplement carrier is obligated to pay their portion on a timely basis. They are not allowed to deny any claims approved by Medicare.

Ask for a no obligation comparison between your current plan and a new, more affordable plan. Georgia Insurance Shop and Georgia Medicare Plans have the lowest rates in the state for Medigap coverage.

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