Georgia Medicare Plans – What's in a Name?

When looking to buy a Georgia Medicare Plan, do you pay more for a name brand? Of course! Does paying more mean you get more? Absolutely not, you just paid more.

I get this a lot. Someone asks for a quote for Medicare supplemental insurance in GA and I give them the rate. Unless they specifically request a plan, I quote plan F and plan G.

In most cases, Medigap plan G is the better buy.

I never mention carrier names, other than Blue Cross or AARP. The only reason for mentioning them is, most people have heard of them and they believe those companies are better.

Whatever better is . . .

Truth is, almost every time those companies have rates higher than the Medigap carriers I quote.

All Medicare supplement plans are the same regardless of whose name is on the front of the policy. The only difference is price.

So why pay more for a "name brand" when you don't get more?

Beats me.

I guess some folks have money to burn and just like to pay more.

If you have original Medicare and are looking for an affordable Medigap plan, ask for a quote. I can almost guarantee we will beat any offer you have seen and can save you money every month.

For Georgia seniors on a fixed income isn't saving money what it's all about?

Georgia Medicare Plans, the lowest rates around.

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