Georgia Swine Flu

Does Georgia health insurance cover swine flu?

Do you really have swine flu? The CDC may disagree.

It appears there are no longer any official Georgia swine flu patients. The one confirmed case we had in Columbus has been reclassified by the CDC as officially in Kentucky. Short story is, a KY woman who had recently traveled to Mexico and returned home, then attended a wedding in Columbus, GA. While in Georgia, she became ill, was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with swine flu.

In other related news. it seems that Cinco de Mayo celebrations have been cancelled in several places, including here in Atlanta. Iguess I will have to wash down fajita’s with a bit of cerveza in the quiet of my own home.

According to Consumer Reports, others are taking steps to prevent human contact.

“The Arlington diocese and the Baltimore archdiocese are recommending that Communion wine not be served in a common cup,” reports the Washington Post. And shaking hands, a common feature of many services, may be replaced by bowing.

Wonder if Tony Soprano will continue to greet mobster’s with the traditional kiss on the cheek, or will he bow?

But to answer the original question, your Georgia health insurance will cover swine flu, bird flu and even common, every day flu.

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