Georgia To Allow Insurance From Out of State


Ga. House OK's selling insurance over state lines


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Legislation that would allow Georgians to purchase insurance across state lines cleared the House on Thursday.

Supporters contend the bill would lower insurance costs by introducing more competition. Opponents say it would allow for watered-down policies that don't require coverage for crucial procedures that Georgia policies mandate.

The House approved the bill 111-47 on Thursday. Republicans have fought to pass the bill for years.

Sponsor, state Rep. Matt Ramsey, a Republican from Peachtree City, said the bill permits insurance companies with licenses to operate in Georgia to offer policies sold in other states.

Georgia law mandates that all health insurance policies cover a number of treatments and services, such as breast cancer screenings and well-child visits. Other states do not have mandates as strict as Georgia's.

State Rep. Stephanie Stuckey Benfield said the bill will hurt consumers.

"I see this as giving up control in Georgia," the Atlanta Democrat said. "It's dismantling the protections we fought for."

But some Republicans argued it will help provide more coverage to those without it.

"What is better? A policy with a few — and I repeat, a few less things covered — or no insurance at all?" asked state Rep. Richard Smith, chairman of the Insurance Committee.

The bill now heads to the state Senate.


  1. Bob Vineyard says:

    Buying/selling across state lines accomplishes nothing. If the govt wants to make it legal to buy “lesser” insurance (fewer mandates) there is no reason to go through the process of approving out of state plans or waiving mandates, they can do so without confusing the market even more by allowing out of state plans.

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