Golden Rule Leaves Children Behind

Golden Rule (United Healthcare/UHC) is no longer issuing "child only" health insurance policies in Georgia. The official announcement was passed along this morning.

This follows on the heels of withdrawing maternity options for all new health insurance policies issued after 4/30/2010.

To my knowledge, Golden Rule is the first to withdraw from the child only health insurance market but there may be more over the next few months. This is in response to the provision in Obamacare (Patient Protection and Unaffordable Health Care Act) that requires health insurance companies to issue coverage to children under the age of 18. This new mandate begins in September, 2010 but many companies are already preparing new, higher rates, for children applying after September 1.

As for now, Golden Rule will still allow children under 18 to still be covered under their parent(s) plan. I do not expect any changes in that regard, and premiums for family plans that cover children will not rise dramatically until fall.

We will attempt to keep our readers advised of any new changes as a result of Obamacare.

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