Government Designed Health Insurance

What does the Capitol Visitors Center and Obamacare have in common?

The CVC was supposed to make it easier for visitors to access Washington landmarks and make their visit more pleasant.

The CVC originally was supposed to take 4 years to build at a budget of $71 million. When completed it took 8 years and cost $621 million.

Obamacrap is supposed to make health insurance more affordable and accessible to everyone, regardless of their age, gender or existing medical conditions.

The initial estimate is the cost of Obamacrap will be less than $1 trillion over 10 years but those figures are already fading in the light of day as the Congressional Budget Office and others are wading through the bill . . . after the fact of course. The final cost will not be known for years.

This makes one wonder, if Washington can't even get a construction project to come in on time and within budget, how can we expect them to do any better with health care?

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