Health Care vs. Health Insurance

We do our best to enlighten those looking for affordable health insurance in Georgia about the difference in health care and health insurance.

Health care, health insurance. For most the terms are interchangeable.

But they are very different.

Medical care is medical care. Nothing more and nothing less.

This may not seem like a breakthrough on the frontiers of knowledge. But it completely contradicts what is being said by many of those who are urging “universal health care” because so many Americans lack health insurance.

Insurance is not medical care. Indeed, health care is not the same as medical care. Countries with universal health care do not have more or better medical care.

The bottom line is medical care. But the rhetoric and the talking points are about insurance.

We want to thank the folks at Real Clear Politics for helping us explain the difference in health care and health insurance.

People who believe in “universal health care” show remarkably little interest — usually none — in finding out what that phrase turns out to mean in practice, in those countries where it already exists, such as Britain, Sweden or Canada.

In Sweden, it means not only having bureaucrats deciding what medicines the government will and will not pay for, but even preventing you from buying the more expensive medicine for yourself with your own money. That would violate the “equality” that is the magic mantra.

Equality for some has a nice ring to it until you put it in perspective.

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  1. Health Insurance is purely the financing of health care (directly providing services/medicine to people). Health Insurance costs so much because health care costs so much.

    Keep blogging, hopefully people will start doing their own independent research to see what we are saying is accurate.


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